What are underdogs? The term underdog is used to refer to someone who others have underestimated due to their past, lack of education, being unpopular, etc.

Although this is the definition according to the world standards, God does not see us as underdogs. In fact, underdogs do not exist in His eyes.

God, our Father, He calls us champions, chosen, royal, and anointed. If you stutter, he will use you to speak to nations. If you like playing the background, he will call you to lead others. If you had a life of crime and murder, he will use you to bring life to people. If you did poorly in school, he will use you to be a mentor. If you were a porn star, he will use you as an evangelist. It doesn’t matter what you have done or how you may feel–God uses the underdogs of this world to turn the world around. It all depends on who you choose to partner with. God will take you from nothing to something.