The Father’s Table

During our time in Kissimmee Florida we rented a home that was fully furnished. It was a lovely 4 bedroom, 4 bath home. One day I (LaShawn) was sitting with the Father at the dining room table. As I looked at the table I was sitting at I heard Holy Spirit speak to my heart, “The Father’s Table.”

The table I was sitting at was a dark carved heavy wood table with six sturdy high back wooden chairs. I closed my eyes and I begin to see the table prepared with fine gold and cream linen. I saw gold place settings and a gold Menorah in the middle of the table. Each time I sat at that table with the Father, I knew He was inviting me to dine with Him. I knew that although for a large portion of my life I had experienced rejection from people, The Father was letting me know He has welcomed me to dine with Him. What a privilege to sit with the Father, at His table to “dine” with Him!

The family table is dear to my heart.  I can’t really remember if in my youth we gathered at our family table or not because by the age of about eight or nine years old, my family was broken. So that portion of my life is a little foggy.

Ever since I was a little girl I desired a family of my own. I knew there was a such thing as a functional family and that one day I would have a husband and children of my own. I had dreams of what family would look like in our home. Now having my own family, the dinner table is a gathering place for us. We eat, talk and laugh together around our dinner table, and sometimes we shed tears around the dinner table as well (well, mostly me. I’m the emotional one!).

A few weeks ago, while driving, I was listening to the audio version of The Passion Translation versions of the Bible. As I was listening I heard the portion in Luke where Jesus was saying to prepare a banquet and to invite those who could never repay you. At that very moment Holy Spirit reminded me of “The Father’s Table,” all at once I begin to see my family and I GOING from state to state building God’s family by inviting those who feel like they are the least to dine at The Father’s Table. I begin to see the table set with beautiful linens and place settings and us inviting those who the Father has told to COME.

As we travel from state to state we will bring the Father’s heart to those He is calling to come dine with Him.


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